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The Achievement Toolkit

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Core Training #1- Timeline Goal Achievement Roadmap

  • Module 1: Research & Essential Questions ($47 Value)
  • Module 2: The First Step On Your Journey ($47 Value)
  • Module 3: The ‘Simple/Difficult’ Question ($47 Value)
  • Module 4: How To Define Goals ($97 Value)
  • Module 5: Passion & Goals ($47 Value)
  • Module 6: What Does My Goal Look Like? ($47 Value)
  • Module 7: How To Make A Plan That Works ($97 Value)
  • 22-Page Trading Goals Workbook ($47 Value)

Core Training #2- Ultimate Success Trading Plan (USTP) Bootcamp

  • 2.5 Hour Webinar Recording ($197 Value)
  • Trading Plan Study Guide ($97 Value)
  • USTP Money Management Tool ($197 Value)

BONUS: Your Timeline Goal Achievement Roadmap ($197 Value)

  • A Complete Timeline Goal Planning System
  • Adaptable ‘Timeframe’ structure e.g 12-months, 3yrs (you choose)
  • Structured monthly templates
  • Weekly goal analysis templates
  • Special ‘Review of Progress’ stages built-in
  • Clear and easy to follow in-depth instructions for each template

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