Episode 1: How To Overcome A 7-Figure Trading Disaster with Carley Garner

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How would you respond to a 7-figure disaster? In this episode of the ‘Engineered Trading Mindset Experts Talk show, top US commodities analyst, trader, and broker Carley Garner reveals the safest way to recover from your financial disasters.

“In This Episode You’ll Learn…”
  • How you can trade $100,000 with only $500
  • Why it is important your trading system suits your personality
  • How you may be your own worst trading enemy and what to do about it
  • How an Expert copes with big losses, so you can too
  • How much trading confidence makes a difference
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Website: www.decarleytrading.com
Books by Carley Garner:
Higher Probability Commodity Trading: A Comprehensive Guide to Commodity Market Analysis, Strategy Development, and Risk Management Techniques Aimed at Favorably Shifting the Odds of Success
A Trader’s First Book on Commodities: An Introduction to the World’s Fastest Growing Market

Engineered Trading Mindset Webinar- Discover the 3 Millionaire Trader Secrets Keeping You From Your Goals

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