Episode 10: How Assumptions Lead To Weak Strategies with Bert Mouler

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Do you try to second guess the markets? In this episode of ‘Engineered Trading Mindset Experts Talk’ show, Bert Mouler CEO of Profluent Capital explains how your assumptions can lead to weak strategies.

“In This Episode…”
  • Do you have a really big goal motivating you? Learn Bert’s massive $1 billion goal for kids that keeps him on track.
  • Does trading impact your physical health? Learn the issues Bert overcame on his way to success.
  • Are you making too many assumptions? Learn how this is dangerous and what to do to prevent it.
  • Do you work on your self-development? Learn why it’s essential and a simple technique Bert uses.
  • The best advice? Learn the one powerful word that can make a massive difference.
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Website: www.profluentcapital.com/
Twitter: @ProfluentC
FaceBook: @profluentcapital
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