Episode 23: How to Prevent ‘Losing Pain’ Affecting Your Decisions with Michael Melissinos

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Do you allow the pain of taking a loss affect your next decisions with unpredictable impact on your profit results?
In this episode of your ‘Engineered Trading Mindset Experts Talk’ show Michael Melissinos of MelissinosTrading.com discusses how the emotions of anger, frustration and impatience skew your trading decisions and explains how he deals with this profit-killing issue.

“In This Episode…”

  • Are you influenced by others expectations? Learn why it is often better to ignore other people’s ‘opinions’.
  • Are you connected to yourself? Learn how self-awareness can be an essential skill for traders to develop.
  • Do you trade short-term trends? Learn the advantages Michael sees in long-term trend trading.
  • Do you get impatient? Learn why the decisions you make while in a state of impatience will often be wrong.
  • Are you connected to other traders? Learn the power of the ‘Tribe’ for accelerating your trading success.

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Website: MelissinosTrading.com
Twitter: @mmelissinos
Facebook: @MelissinosTrading

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The New Market Wizards by Jack Schwager

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