Episode 24: Elliott Waves and Perseverance with Peter Goodburn

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Are you exploiting the power of the time-tested Elliott Wave methods and do you have the perseverance to be a pro trader?
In this episode of your ‘Engineered Trading Mindset Experts Talk’ show Peter Goodburn of WaveTrack International discusses the importance of thoroughness and perseverance and explains his innovations in the use of Elliott Wave theory.

“In This Episode…”

  • Are you taking responsibility? Learn why taking responsibility for your trades empowers you to be independent.
  • Can one person have all the necessary trading skills? Learn how a rich trader relied on Peter’s expertise to overcome a weakness and improve trading results.
  • Are your ‘character skills’ as good as your trading skills? Learn the two powerful ‘qualities’ essential to success Peter spent years developing.
  • Is trading a science or an Art? Listen as Peter gives his take on this vexing question.
  • Are you employing Elliott Waves? Learn as Peter explains his 21st century innovations for this time-tested system.

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Website: WaveTrack.com
YouTube: WaveTrack International

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Market Wizards by Jack Schwager

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