Episode 28: Why Indicators Can Mess With Your Decisions with Gary Norden

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Are you a subjective or objective trader (hint: it has to do with ‘Indicators’)?
In this episode of your ‘Engineered Trading Mindset Experts Talk’ show Gary Norden of OrganicFinancialGroup.com discusses how his extensive research and controversial books have revealed the truth behind the role of Indicators in the trader’s decision making process.

“In This Episode…”

  • Does age matter in trading? Learn how the youngest bank trader in London survived the impact of the Iraq invasion of Kuwait.
  • Are you really an ‘Independent’ trader? Listen as Gary shares key insights about being your own person.
  • What are your expectations for your trading? Learn the real impact of unrealistic expectations.
  • How well do you learn from mistakes? Hear what Gary learned by watching a fellow trader lose 200K+ in an afternoon.
  • Are you attracted to trading ‘Junk Food’? Gary shares how this human tendency can have a bad impact on your trading.

Links & Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Guest contact details:
Training by real Trading Experts: OnlineFinanceAcademy.com
…and for ‘scalping’ training: ScalpFutures.com
YouTube: Gary Norden on YouTube

Books recommended in the show (available from Amazon):

Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
And Gary’s own ‘must read’ books…
An End to The Bull by Gary Norden
Technical Analysis and the Active Trader by Gary Norden

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