Episode 8: How An Ex-Military Pilot And CEO Uses His Unique Mindset For Trading with Scott Andrews

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About This Episode…

Military training focuses a lot on survival and that means to stay alive you have to get things right. And in the executive business world of a CEO, making the right decisions is crucial to a company’s survival and the well-being of its people. But how do you then deal with this strongly developed desire to be right when you discover it impedes your trading?

In this episode of ‘Engineered Trading Mindset Experts Talk’ show, Scott Andrews of InvestiQuant honestly and openly shares how his desire to be right was a strength in his roles in the military and as company CEO but that it became a weakness in his own trading. Find out how he was able to deal with this apparent paradox.

Scott also shares with us the importance of “getting out of your own way” in your trading and how InvestiQuant has developed powerful automated systems for those traders and investors who just can’t adopt a “don’t mess with the trade” mindset..

“In this episode you’ll learn what a veteran military pilot and experienced CEO has to share that can improve your trading including…”
  • What is the minimum time you should paper trade a new system so that you cover all market conditions
  • How does trading to your strengths make you a better and happier trader
  • How can translating historic data into market behaviours positively impact your trade ideas
  • Does maintaining a positive state of mind every day really make you a more successful trader
  • How easy is it to almost go back to BE in a few short weeks after doubling your account in one year [Hint] It’s because of ‘O…’!
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Email: scott@investiquant.com
Website: www.investiquant.com
Books recommended in the show:
‘Understanding Gaps’ – Scott Andrews

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