“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Tony Robbins

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From: Les Meehan, Founder of RightMindTrader.com
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Are You Just “Winging It?”


Practicing “hope and pray” trading?

Or do you have a clear cut plan to grow your trading business?

If you are “winging it” don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. Many traders do the same and I was one of them!
And occasionally it may work…occasionally.

Then one day it hits home that “winging it” just isn’t cutting it anymore and won’t work long-term.

When “Winging It” Stops And Smart Trading Begins…

At this point traders who are serious about achieving the success they want start to look for the ‘secrets’ of the successful traders they hear about.

One of the first ‘AHA’ moments is when it becomes clear that successful trading has absolutely NOTHING to do with the system being used or what the markets are doing each day.

They eventually discover one of the key ‘secrets’ understood by all the top successful people.

The key secret highly successful people know and utilise is…

Accountability and this is a ‘success resource’ available to you too…

The Power Of Accountability

One definition of ‘Accountability’ is…

“An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.”
(Source Merriam-Webster dictionary)

The ‘power’ is in what these words imply:

  • Obligation – is when you feel that deep compulsion to take action and make something happen because you have given your commitment to do it either to yourself (a ‘self-promise’) or to someone else.
  • Willingness – is that motivating inner force that opens your mind and heart to take on challenges without holding back.
  • Accept responsibility – is when you take control of yourself and your actions without fearing the outcome for good or bad. This is where you show your courage and fortitude that come what may you will hold yourself responsible without casting blame on others. This is a very empowering and liberating state of mind for most people because it frees you from your inner critic and fear.
  • Account for One’s Actions – probably one of the most powerful ‘inner drivers’ of motivation is to have to explain your actions (or the reason for a lack of action) to someone you have promised your commitment. When you commit to specific action and promise your peers you will do your best to realise those actions it becomes very compelling and motivating because you do not want to shame yourself or disappoint the people to whom you have given your promise.

These are some of the underlying psychological drivers that create ‘The Power of Accountability’ and which can accelerate your journey to the success you desire.

The Accountability ‘Secret’ Formula

So what is the best way for you to bring this ‘Power of Accountability’ into your trading…

  • Get the help and support of an expert trading psychology coach who has the knowledge and expertise to facilitate the psychological changes you will need on the way to smarter trading.
  • Join an organised group of your trading peers who are on a similar journey to success as you. People with similar motives and desires that will understand and appreciate your unique challenges.
  • Experience and benefit from the ‘Power Of Accountability’ by making yourself accountable to your peer group.
  • Immerse yourself in the powerful process of ‘Defined Positive Action’ which will focus you on success oriented behaviours and actions.

So What Are The Benefits Of The Accountability Formula…?

When you are an active member of an accountability group you will be expected to commit to action and to regularly reporting back to the group on your progress – that is being accountable for doing what you say you will do!

The benefits to you of doing this are:

  • You will gain clarity on what you need to do for ‘smart trading’
  • Your ‘expert’ trading coach will help you to change unresourceful behaviours
  • Your mental focus will be enhanced because your unconscious mind will understand your needs
  • Your self-discipline will take a leap forward as you take consistent positive steps
  • You will have the support from your peers who understand the challenges
  • You will have access to the combined experience of other traders as a resource for success
  • You will be more highly motivated to make positive and decisive changes to drive your success
  • You will take responsibility for your actions and results
  • Your accountability to your coach and to your peer group will drive your success

These are just some of the benefits of the ‘process of success’ that gets results.

When you experience these benefits, you will want to commit to regularly repeating the positive actions that will move you forward toward your goal and be happy to accept the responsibility to get those actions done so you can confidently report back on your progress to your accountability partners.

Yes, I Want To Be Part Of TAAG

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So How Can You Access All Of This…?

So you can become an active participant in your own ‘Process of Success’ and share that journey with the support of myself and other traders, I have created the unique ‘Traders Accountability Action Group’.

The emphasis is on ‘Accountability and Taking Positive Action’ so this group is for highly-motivated traders who have decided to stop “winging it” and start Smart Trading.

Here’s How It Will Work…

  • This is a ‘members only’ group of success oriented and dedicated traders who will meet together weekly in an online conference.
  • Each meeting a select number of members will be chosen and their specific trading needs will be the target of that meeting. And because there will normally be issues and challenges that are common to every member, by being involved in the progress of other members you will greatly benefit your own trading.
  • Selection of the members for focused attention will be on a rotating basis so you will be one of those selected as your turn comes around.
  • A unique feature of the Traders Accountability Action Group is that each member will be encouraged to record a sample of their own live trading activity and verbally narrate the thoughts and feelings experienced during trading. Using the sample recording, when you are ‘in the chair’ reference to your recorded trading will allow your specific needs to be met and progressed. Also, you will find these recordings a valuable ongoing resource for further reflection and development.
  • The group will meet on Friday each week at 16:00 CET. This time has been specifically selected based on the fact that Friday afternoons are usually not a good time to trade due to the unpredictability of many of the markets at this time.
  • All meetings will be recorded and made available within 48hrs so you can access them again and again.
  • There will also be a special members only Facebook group where you can interact and share with other members 24/7. This is a great way to have continued support and your questions answered between meetings.

So Here Is My Offer To You…!

Because I want to make it super-easy for you to get moving forward with the ‘Power of Accountability and Positive Action’, for a limited time you can get a trial 30-day full membership for just $1 so you can experience how to accelerate your success as soon as possible.

I believe you’ll be so blown away by your positive experiences that the next part can be a no-brainer, you can continue your membership for an affordable $47 a month (which I expect you to easily cover in a single trade when you apply the powerful changes to your trading psychology and trading actions that will increase your profitability).

So all you need to do right now to start moving toward your success is to click the button on this page and come sign up for your own 30-day $1 trial (I have to tell you member numbers are strictly limited so reserve your spot now…!)

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