4 Steps To Becoming An Elite Trader In The Next 30 Days

Trading Fear is the Number 1 ‘Profit Killer’ for the 90% of Traders Who Lose More Than They Gain.

Did you know that trading fear affects just about every trader: from the complete novice through to the seasoned professional! Of course, at the professional level large trading companies such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley train their traders and have psychologists on hand to guide them through but what about the 90% of individual traders the experts suggest are losing money on a regular basis?

And why is trading fear so devastating to your trading anyway?

The problem is that because fear, which is one of our most powerful emotions, is such a primal automatic mechanism triggered by any perceived threat to your well-being, it can be very difficult to control – especially once it has a hold on you.

Check this short video to learn more…

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Profit Killing Confusion

The confusion and lack of logical control caused by the primal fear process is deliberately designed to reduce your ability to think rationally and make considered choices about your actions.

The reason your primal survival system does this is that when a sabre-tooth tiger leaps out of a bush to eat you, the last thing your unconscious mind wants you to do is start thinking about the 10 or more different ways you could handle the situation! It wants you to move now, and move fast without wasting precious ‘life or death’ time on that rational thinking stuff.

The downside to your actual trading of this ‘take action now and fast while in a confused state of mind’ caused by your trading fears is that you are more likely to take a ‘profit killing’ action which you later regret!

So how do you avoid ‘jumping into the tiger’s mouth’ so to speak?

Trading Behaviour Habits

It is no accident that in the world of combat training, such as in martial arts or personal protection courses, students repeat the same moves or techniques over and over again. This is not only to refine the actions to make them as efficient and effective as possible but more importantly it is a process designed to overcome your primal fear-based automatic response to a perceived threat.

Also, you cannot adequately protect yourself if your mind is confused and you are not in control of your actions. Equally, you cannot get the result you want if the actions you take are inefficient and ineffective.

A similar development philosophy is used in all areas of human endeavour where a high-level of efficient and effective action, underpinned with discipline and focus, is needed to achieve the desired result.

The third component of a ‘professional’ in any field is having supportive beliefs and attitudes that will allow them to apply their efficient and effective training in a disciplined and focused way without these being sabotaged by ‘hidden’ beliefs or ‘negative’ attitudes.

And this applies equally to your trading – which for the 90% of losing traders is full of ‘perceived threats’ and the resulting trading fears and emotions that usually result in ‘profit killing’ behaviours.

The logical way to become the successful trader you dream about being is to follow the time tested processes of other activities, such as in martial arts and in sport, in which efficient and effective actions, combined with discipline and focus strengthened by firm belief and a positive attitude are essential for success.

Of course, the danger as you probably know is that ‘bad practice’ produces ‘bad habits’ which usually produce undesirable results. And it is very easy to NOT be aware you have developed some trading bad habits as explained in this video….

The 4-Step Solution

The solution is to follow my simple 4-step process to take your trading to the ‘black belt’ level and beyond:

  1. Discover your Number 1 ‘Profit Killer’ trading fear (click the link to find yours!)
  2. Use the ‘3 Golden Keys’ to hone your activities:
    1. Key 1 – Analyse your current trading activities to make them efficient and effective
    2. Key 2- Find and remove any unhelpful beliefs
    3. Key 3- Change any unsupportive attitudes
  3. Take on and defeat the ‘4 Trading Fears’ that will sabotage everything:
    1. Resolve your #1 trading fear and then,
    2. Resolve the other 3 dominant trading fears
  4. Continue development to the ‘grandmaster’ level to have an ‘Elite Trader Mind’

Of course, even if you have: efficient and effective behaviours, discipline and focus, firm belief and positive attitude, it will all be for nothing if you haven’t also overcome your dominant trading fears.

Remember I started this post by saying “Trading Fear is the Number 1 ‘Profit Killer’ for the 90% of traders who lose more than they gain” and this is essential to understand as part of your ‘4-Step Solution’ for overcoming your trading fears and developing into a professional ‘Elite Trader’.

In fact, the first positive step you can take on your journey to becoming a ‘black belt’ trader is to uncover your dominant trading fear – and it might just surprise you to realise what that is!

So, to discover which trading fear is holding you back the most as you now start your journey to being an ‘Elite Trader’, simply click the link in this post and answer just 4 easy questions so I can then tell you which of the four dominant trading fears is likely to be your Number 1 ‘Profit Killer’.


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